The Brand Story

The brand originated in New York, my birth place, and really started out as an idea more than an actually career. I began talking about owning my own fashion line and selling my artwork as a means of extra income instead as a fulltime job. I moved to North Carolina from my home state of New York in 2016 on October 2nd, and launching my online shop 4 years later to the date was honestly a coincidence, but I think the universe new what it was doing. 

Real Extraordinary is a Black Owned Street Apparel Brand. Run by a Black Woman, who only wants to make you feel comfortable and remarkable in your skin. Enjoy these fashions and be extraordinary in your life. My brand is also heavily influenced by my culture. I am also inspired by my culture to remain up to date with the latest trends as well. 

What does It mean to be Real extraordinary? Well the definition Is simple, It means to be very unusual or remarkable. One will possess some extremely good or special quality about themselves. Something extraordinary goes above and beyond what Is expected.

The extra in extraordinary means "outside" the ordinary. To be called extraordinary means you are unique, SPECIAL, a stand out from the crowd type of person.

Brand Essence:

"A Remarkable Mood"

It was an easy decision to launch this shop in the fall because of the Pandemic. I was able to collect my thoughts and ideas to ensure I did everything correctly. 

I want you all to feel remarkable In every piece you purchase from Real Extraordinary. The apparel Is meant to invoke different moods so relatable that it becomes undeniable.